Sowing Holy Boldness into the Art of Life

Three Spiritivity Paths for Breakthroughs to Greater Freedom, Joy, and Creativity


Be more authentic. Do more of what you’re here to do. Enjoy the abundance of life. Spiritivity Coaching is life coaching that combines well-tested creativity and art-based tools in a Holy-Spirit-filled atmosphere, especially geared towards transformational breakthroughs. If you’re game, we can tap into all your senses to unleash your creativity, get you unstuck, help you understand your dreams, and set priorities for sacred self-care, work, relationships, spirituality, or play! Maybe all you need is the catalyst to ignite your passion!


By the power of the Holy Spirit and in the name of Jesus, true forgiveness is possible! Forgiveness opens the door to Freedom in Christ. And Freedom in Christ enables you to express your gifts and serve the world through your unique expression of Spirit + Creativity—the ultimate in Spiritivity! We train Protestants and Catholics for Unbound ministry teams in Sonoma County and San Francisco. We teach 5 Keys to Freedom from Hurts, Fears, and Unhealthy Habits (based on The Lord’s Prayer). We minister to individual Christians and speak to church groups. Chris also coaches Christians through an amazing 7-Step Forgiveness Process.


Wisdom from Chris’s heart based on her Passion for Spiritivity ~ teleclasses, seminars, workshops, books, social media and blog posts, other writings, quilt guild presentations, dream workshops, virtual retreats, prayers, guided meditations, and more.

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Chris is like a double scoop of ice cream — the way she combines creativity and spiritual growth is delicious! She listens deeply, asks intuitive questions, and gently brings the Holy Spirit into her interactions with clients and students to achieve great results.  She understands the creative process and the many resistances along the way, and she brings forward endless tools to assist each client on the quest to connect the creative fibers of their lives.

Marney K. Makridakis, author of Creating Time and Hop Skip Jump

Creative Offers

Dreams 101 E-Course

Intrigued by dreams and their transformative potential?

This 10-unit e-course will promote a personal retreat-like approach to learning at your own pace via concise emailed installments full of:

  • Audios, videos, PDFs, and visual content
  • Quotes, prayers, and other inspiration
  • How To’s
  • Why To’s
  • Fun creative exercises and prompts for journaling or reflection
  • Encouragement to . .
    • easily connect with your inner self and the Holy Spirit, and
    • to appreciate listening to personalized Sacred Wisdom.

Registration includes an opportunity to privately discuss your dream with Chris on a 30-40 minute coaching call.

Also includes free membership in a members-only Facebook page for Creatives Honoring their Dreams and a tangible gift to make it recording your dreams easier and more fun!

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Freedom From Hurts Book Offer

Freedom from Hurts, Fears, and Unhealthy Habits: 5 Keys to a Free, Peaceful Life with More Creative Energy

This brand new e-book is available free to subscribers until the end of July! Please go here to sign up for your copy. If you’re already subscribed, just subscribe again; as long as you use the same email address, our system will make sure you’re only on the list once. The book presents Chris’s personal journey to Freedom in Christ, the Five Keys of the Unbound model of healing prayer, and shows how getting unbound releases greater creativity, however broadly that might manifest for you.


Reap As You Sew Book Offer

Reap As You Sew: Spirit at Work in Quiltmaking

Not a typical how-to quilt book, Reap as You Sew engages readers with over 90 color photos and various women’s intimate stories, as well as suggested action steps and insights that celebrate and deepen the connection between spirituality and the creative process—that is, Spiritivity. This is also the book that brought Chris’s faith out into the open and taught her the benefits of Holy Boldness.

We support buying local whenever possible, but other than that, the best place to get a copy is in our SHOP!

Also, contact me to get a free copy for your quilt guild library or to purchase multiple copies at wholesale and set up a private workshop with a 10-, 20-, 30-, or 40-copy purchase for a group of spiritual quilters.

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