A Catalyst for Transformational Breakthroughs

Dear Visitor,

I’m so happy you stopped by — Thank you!

Let me introduce myself. I’m Chris Boersma Smith, and I enthusiastically inspire, empower, and teach others to experience life to the full, in union with the Spirit, Presence, and Power of God! I also highlight how embracing creativity reaps spiritual rewards when you’re aligned with the gifts you were endowed with and embrace what your life has taught you!  My sacred calling is to fearlessly bring forgiveness and spiritual cleansing to the Body of Christ, not only but especially within the Catholic Church, in Jesus’ name through the power of the Holy Spirit.  

I believe we can experience the fullness and abundance God intended for us by sowing Holy Boldness into the Art of Life. Here’s what Holy Boldness means to me:

  • Daring to be who we were created to be,
  • Using our special gifts and life experiences, and
  • Blessing others by sharing them in creative ways . . .
    • In service,
    • In bold and unique forms of self-expression,
    • Guided by what is sacred, sometimes through our dreams.

I encourage women to be their free and authentic selves. Quite frankly, I wasn’t my true self for much of my past, and it wasn’t until a few years ago that I experienced the joy of spiritual freedom. Now that I’m no longer focused on doing the “right thing” or living for other people’s approval, I feel liberated  . . . and you can, too!

If you could use help discovering your life’s purpose or aligning your time, energy, and resources towards fulfilling it, I’d love to help you. We were each endowed with exactly what we need in order to excel at what we’re on earth to do. Once your sacred calling is known, decision-making and prioritizing are much easier. Aligning our time, energy, gifts, knowledge, and talents with what we’re here for is uplifting, efficient, and joyful! It’s not too late. I offer a variety of presentations and writings on these topics. I’d especially love to be your soul companion (that is, your spiritual director), and help guide you towards living life to the full using prayer, discernment, powerful questions, suggested practices, along with dreams, some fun tools, and playful energy to tap into holy wisdom.

Here’s one of my core understandings: Creativity lights up others’ lives, as we share our unique attributes, generating something delightful, poignant, or healing. Clearly, it benefits the world to not keep our light hidden away but rather, to let it shine! It doesn’t matter what form the creativity takes . . . from dance and music to quilting and knitting, writing, any kind of performance or visual art, public speaking or negotiating, entrepreneurship, nursing a loved one or working in the helping professions, cooking or planting, architecture or practicing law . . . you name it! When it involves your one-of-a-kind personal stamp, it becomes your creative self-expression. And when you’re guided by what’s sacred, you’ve become a co-creator with—and are acting in the likeness of—the Great Creator of the universe.

Blessing others entails spreading love and light! If your candle is lit, and you reach out in service and help 5 people light their candles, and each of them lights other people’s candles, pretty soon we have a flood of light where there was only a flicker. And if there’s been a lot of darkness in your life, how much more important it is to be shown how to forgive, to be set free, and to have that darkness dispelled by the Light and Freedom of Christ.

Besides having fun creating functional and pleasing residences, my creative passions include quilting or textile art and writing, which I blended together in my book, Reap as You Sew: Spirit at Work in Quiltmaking. I’ve created a cartoonish Life Story Quilt to help you learn more about me (see above), each of the blocks representing one of the 12 major events that have shaped my life. Those stories, challenges, and blessings brought me to where I am today: a spiritual director with the Holy Spirit as my partner and with a creativity coaching background so I dare to creatively and boldly talk about “Spiritivity” . . . as well a 5 Keys to Freedom in Christ minister who helps set Christians free using the UNBOUND prayer model. I describe the process of getting free and having more creative energy in my 2016 e-book, Freedom from Hurts, Fears, and Unhealthy Habits, and on the Unbound Ministry page.

Regardless of how wounded you may have been, or how far you’ve already come, I love working with Protestant and Catholic women who want to:

  • regain their creative spark,
  • live the life they were created for,
  • experience more peace and joy,
  • and connect with the Almighty, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit in new ways.

I’m eager to meet you, whether on a teleclass, via email or comments on my blog, individually, or as part of a live or virtual group event. I also invite you to set up a conversation with me through my Contact page. I look forward to hearing about whatever blocks could make up your own story quilt, and weaving together the threads to help guide your next steps.

Here’s to Life-Changing Breakthroughs in Freedom, Joy, and Creativity!

From my heart to yours,