It’s always fun to visit Mendocino, and through May 3rd there’s an extra reason for art quilt and textile lovers to go to that beautiful artsy area! 

Sue Arnold Exhibit

Sue Arnold and part of her collection of studio art quilts!

My husband and I really enjoyed seeing my friend Sue Arnold’s collection of small art quilts at Pacific Textile Arts– an amazing place with a great story in itself! Sue amassed her collection of these art quilts mostly from Studio Art Quilt Associates’ auctions or conferences. About 100 quilts are hung on the walls and others are there for you to peruse. Many of the art quilts are spectacular, mostly 12”x12” but some smaller and some larger. Some of the well-known and favorite artists whose works are displayed include, as I recall (a major disclaimer): Sue Benner,  Liz Berg, Judi Warren Braydon, Judy Castleton, Judy Coates Perez, Gerrie Congdon, Judith Content, Rosalie Dace, Terry Grant, Melody Johnson, Lynn Koolish, Babs Levine, Yvonne Porcella, Judy Mathieson, and Rebecca Rohrkaste.  

PTA Weaving Studio

Pacific Textile Arts – Part of the Weaving Studio

Some vintage textiles in the Pacific Textile Arts classroom

Some vintage textiles in the Pacific Textile Arts classroom

The Pacific Textile Arts story began forty years ago! Later, the group of textile artists decided to purchase some condemned school property and to restore the delapidated buildings, which they undertook over twenty years ago. It’s been a continuing labor of love! The house at the front of the property includes the living room where the Studio Art Quilts are displayed, a kitchen, office, store room for yarns and other textile supplies, a bathroom, and a couple of studios that are rented to weavers. Behind the house, other buildings are used for the group’s extensive 100% donated library, a large weaving studio, and a very large classroom that was hosting a class on the history of textiles the day my husband and I visited. Although Fort Bragg and Mendocino are not highly populated, Pacific Textile Arts has a consistent membership of about 150 members. It’s an awesome resource and blessing to the community!

The exhibit is open Wednesdays 10:30-noon, Thursdays 1:30-3:30, and Saturdays 11:00 am-1:00 pm at Pacific Textile Arts on Alger Street in Fort Bragg, CA. (At the end of Laurel Street turn onto Alger Street and go to the first house to the left of the bus barns and wood school, as you face them).

Fort Bragg Working HarborAfter the show, my husband and I enjoyed a great lunch in Fort Bragg’s working harbor area, watching the whale-watchers, fishing boats, and kayaks go out from a setting that probably hasn’t changed much in 50 years. What a treat our visit was!