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Quilting as a Priority Goal

My quiltmaking took a backseat in 2016-2017; it won’t in 2018!  I finally remembered that my “hobby” is also my lifeline, my therapy, my prayer, my creative outlet, a source of joy, and a cooperative effort with the Great Creator who gave me this heart’s desire and some gifts to go along with it.

Are You Putting New Wine in Old Wineskins?

A creativity tool makes changed the likelihood of goal fulfillment around the same time that I realized how physical, psychological, familial, and creative goals all related to the metaphor of not putting new wine in old wineskins or they’d burst!

How To Touch Hearts with Unique Creative Gifts

7 reasons to let your light shine by giving creative gifts from your heart—ideas reinforced as my mother and I worked on a wedding shawl for my daughter who’s to be a bride just before my parents’ 70th anniversary.

The Third Day of Christmas: Feeling Beloved?

My most spiritual Christmas experience happened in May more than two decades ago on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. It engaged all my senses and touched my heart in a way that endures and reminds me that God loves us in ways too mysterious to understand only with our heads.

Saints and Creativity Series

November—the month of All Saints, All Souls, and Thanksgiving—is a good time to remember that we’re all called to creativity. And many of those who’ve gone before us and made a holy splash have also been artists in their own ways! BE INSPIRED!

A Lively Crowded Cemetery and No Funeral?

Today I miss visiting the cemetery, eating special foods, and saying prayers for the people being commemorated on temporary altars in homes, on the sidewalks, in restaurants, and even in shopping centers. In short, I wish I were in Mexico for Dia de los Muertos!...

How Do You Know When You’re Actually Ready?

Sometimes a little knowledge is dangerous; you know you need more. Getting more may consume you! This is about the making of a spiritual director, with numerous twists, turns, and revelations along the way.

How I Transitioned from Lawyer to the Spirituality of Quilting

A reader asked how I made the transition from attorney to entrepreneur—and this question about transitions was such a huge trigger for me that it’s spawned more than one post about balancing career and motherhood, motherhood and a woman’s life outside that role, and calling.

Care to Do Something to Improve Race Relations?

My brother is a photographer with an awesome idea. I'm wondering if any of you know young African American men in the Baltimore-Washington area who might consider participation as a model for his very special photography project designed to help change misperceptions...

You’ve Got a Friend

“You’ve Got a Friend” by Carole King and recorded by James Taylor really spoke to me recently, and now I’m listening to it as a prayer, as if Jesus is singing it to me! Take a listen: https://youtu.be/xEkIou3WFnM.

Please Pray for My Special Intention for Freedom?

I experienced life-changing freedom in Christ through a prayer approach that healed and brought mutual forgiveness very quickly to an estrangement between an adult daughter and me. There were many other spiritual benefits, which I discuss in an ebook on the subject, Freedom from Hurts, Fears, and Unhealthy Habits (currently free to those who subscribe to my monthly newsletter). I want to share this abundant-life-giving freedom with others!

What Do You Get When You Cross Art with Abundance?

Look what just arrived in my mailbox! I completed Artella’s ARTbundance™ Certification Training Program over the course of the past year, and today I’d like to sing the program’s praises. We use art, writing, and other creative tools to play, explore, and expand our work to yield results that are quick, inspiring, and remarkably effective. Offering a No risk $15 trial session.

Scavenger Hunt for Virtual Organizing Days

In this childhood game, there's a list of random items to find and individuals or teams go around a designated area or neighborhood in a set amount of time, bringing back the items from the list that were found. So let's play. The order doesn't matter. Just check off...

How to Join a Virtual Organize-for-Fun Day

Who doesn’t have any postponed organizational projects? Although I love organization and simplicity, I often face messes and piles. How or when do we make time to get out from under? A Virtual Organize-for-Fun Day is a great solution—a fun day during which we’ll tackle our projects together . . . but each in our own spaces!

Instead of provoking thinking, I attracted a flat!

I meant to write a provocative blog post on mindset today, but instead I got a flat tire. And there's a definite mindset lesson in that. (Mindset is the topic I've focused on for May!) Yesterday, the air pressure warning light came on as I left a Healdsburg retreat...

Motherhood and Who We Are

In honor of women teaching other women that the rewards of motherhood are worth all the effort motherhood takes in body, mind, and spirit!

Play with Creativity and Spirit, a Winning Combination

With my passion for creativity and my sacred calling to coach creative women through transformational breakthroughs, I’m thrilled to share this playful quilt that reframed its creator’s thinking in a very positive way—a benefit that playful, whimsical, and storytelling art can provide for all of us!

Can a Quilt’s Asymmetry Teach Us How to Balance Our Lives?

Artists seem to intuitively recognize the need to balance large and small elements in their designs, and likewise, we sense when it’s time to balance our commitments in life and to focus on specific aspects of the overall composition of our days.

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