different light - black and white - healing race relationsMy brother is a photographer with an awesome idea. I’m wondering if any of you know young African American men in the Baltimore-Washington area who might consider participation as a model for his very special photography project designed to help change misperceptions about young men and women of color in America. (“Models” means human beings, regardless of looks, etc.) His top priority is to photograph 18 to 30-year-old men, and especially those who have a child. More about the project is sent to anyone who inquires through his brand new website, www.adifferentlight.org, which is worth look now and as it grows! To see his work, check out his portfolio at www.greggpatrick.com

Anyone interested is invited to contact Gregg Patrick Boersma directly for more details: gregg@greggpatrick.com. The project is intended to have a very positive impact on viewers’ perceptions and it’s his hope that it will draw nationwide attention—but he can’t do that without models. Those he’s started working with already are enthusiastic. As Gregg’s sister, I can tell you his heart is really in this and he’s a very talented photographer.

Just to give you a clue, here are two quick self-portraits he took (not intending that I’d share them online–sorry, Gregg!), showing himself in two different lights:







If you have any suggestions or words of encouragement, please feel free to comment and I’ll make sure Gregg gets them. Better yet, please forward this post or information to any young men who might like to pose!

Here are two shots of his first model—pictures worth a thousand words!