Calling all women who’ve awakened with a dream fragment, an absurd image, an odd memory, lingering feelings from a dream, and/or a glimpse of something surreal! 

This 60-Minute Teleclass Will

  • Intuitively tap into messages from your dreams
  • Discover or enhance the ways they guide you
  • Inspire creative expression that, like your dreams, is uniquely YOU

What Rich Rewards do Dreams Offer?

  • emotional health
  • practical guidance
  • creative inspiration
  • and communication from a sacred source

During my years in Dream Groups beginning in the 90s, and especially through and after my 2005 – 2006 Monastery of the Risen Christ training as a Holy Spirit-centered Spiritual Director, one thing I’ve witnessed over and over is the profound healing impact that dreams can have on those willing to open their conscious awareness to these messages from the subconscious, the collective unconscious, the depths of the Self, and from their Higher Power, whom I call God.

Dreamwork has allowed me to recognize in one session things that had alluded me through years of psychotherapy. Dreamwork has guided me to write books, to create special quilts and textile art, and has prompted me to change my outlook in wonderful life-changing ways. In short, I know dreamwork is a transformational process that encourages the dreamer to be more of who she truly wants to be in the deepest desires of her heart.

Yet I also know that most people wake up with a dream (or part of one), wonder briefly what it means . . . and then promptly forget the dream altogether. Others record their dreams in journals, sometimes for decades, but may not actually work through the dreams to mine the gold out of them. Since dreams are not subject to chronological time, that’s OK! You can make a date with them now and they’ll still serve you up a dish of tasty content.

Dreams typically reel along in your head like a movie. Because dreams are so image-laden, it makes natural sense to honor them through visual art.  They trigger memories of old lovers and enrapture you with exotic destinations, sometimes wrapped in ethereal gauziness. Because they’re so ripe with emotion, they also lend themselves beautifully to poetry, dance, or music.


What if having dreams, honoring, and heeding them

might be one of the most fascinating things you do?  

Will you accept the invitation to engage in some creative play with your dreams?

Register Today

I hope you’ll join me live on June 21, but remember the call will be recorded. If you can’t make it live, you can still receive the free recording after the class, if you’ve pre-registered.

If you have an image in mind from a dream, bring the mental image to class with you! If you don’t, that’s fine, too. We will undertake some creative activities, so please bring along some paper and writing instruments (perhaps colored pens, pencils, or markers). This will be free play: no rules; no grades; you can interpret the guidelines however you prefer!

You’ll benefit more than ever from your dreams when you:

  • are excited about working with them and have learned some new ideas about how to do that;
  • focus on the sensory nature of your dreams and capture that in artistic ways;
  • connect with kindred souls who appreciate the value of both the dream and the creative expression it inspires;
  • get motivated to start or resume the practice of regularly recording and honoring your dreams, using a variety of methods.


  • The opportunity to watch the 10-minute video, 10 Tips for Remembering Your Dreams, before the class
  • The opportunity to ask for a dream with some intriguing images that you might record and bring to class
  • The opportunity to get the live class on your calendar before something else crowds it out and to get the complimentary recording afterwards

Will you accept the invitation to engage in some creative play with your dreams?

Register Today

As soon as you’ve completed your registration, you’ll get a confirmation, call-in instructions, and a download link. You’ll also get a reminder and a link to a class handout by the morning of June 21st.

ECourse Coming Soon MRIn case you’d like to watch Chris’s 10-minute video, 10 Tips for Remembering Your Dreams, she’ll also send you a link to that upon your registration for this class. will also be offering an e-course called Absurd Images and Odd Memories: Decoding Your Dreams to Spark Spiritual Growth, of which this Dream Art material is a small part.

About the Presenter: Be More, Do More, Enjoy More! That is the mission of Chris Boersma Smith, a Spiritivity Coach and textile artist who believes in the power of the Holy Spirit + Creativity to ignite transformational breakthroughs. 

Chris enjoys warm heart-to-heart interactions that encourage and inspire her audience and clients to envision options and embrace empowering and freeing choices. It’s her prayer that you bask in the freedom of your most healed and authentic creative self and that you live abundantly, aligned with your sacred calling.

Her CV, life story, resumé, portfolio, and contacts are accessible at