Invite Your Dreams to Spark Insight & Growth

Open the door and enjoy each of the 10 units of this e-course in your own perfect timing. Draw inspiration. Build a practice that will take you on a rewarding journey: loving yourself, listening to wisdom and the holy Spirit of God, inviting fun and ease into dream work! Discover for yourself How Dreams Can Add LIFE to Living!

Topics Covered

  • Intro & Prep for the LIFE Journey of Dream Work
  • Getting into practice ~ recording your dreams
  • Invitation: The more you put in . . . 
  • Learning from dream images ~ however bizarre 
  • How associations improve self-awareness
  • Flags that remind you to Listen
  • The Ease Factor
  • The Fun Factor
  • The Love Factor
  • Final Celebration

Features and Benefits

What’s Included:

1. Ten emails presenting the topics concisely and understandably. Receive them once a week or twice a week~your choice. Each email lesson includes:

  • Inspiring quotes
  • Relevant prayers
  • Audio, video, and visual content including Chris’s 10 Tips for Remembering Your Dreams video
  • Hands-On Spiritivity Exercises and Reflections

2. Free access throughout 2016 to a private Facebook group for “Creatives Honoring Dreams” so participants can be encouraged by a sense of community with other dreamers, providing inspiration, enlightenment, and discoveries

3. A special illuminating pen sent by mail . . .  a perfect tool that lights up just where you’re writing so you can record dreams in the dark without disturbing a nearby sleeper

Presenter/Author: Chris Boersma Smith, Spiritivity Coach & Christian Spiritual Director – click here for Chris’s C.V.

Release/Availability: Immediately or  at your convenience

Early Purchase Discounted Price: $57

Best Package: For $22 more (a total of $79) you’ll also receive a 30- to 40-minute individual Spiritivity coaching session with Chris by phone to discuss your dreams (normally $100/hour) 

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