Who doesn’t have any postponed organizational projects? Although I love organization and simplicity, I often face accumulated piles of fabrics, ideas, papers, recipes, or whatever had me totally engrossed some time ago. How or when do we make time to put things back in place (or create a new place or system)? A Virtual Organize-for-Fun Day is a great solution—better yet, a series of “play dates” where we tackle our projects together!

I believe in setting yourself up for success. A typical one-day organizing project for me is my studio countertop that has a few random piles plus a still unpacked giant plastic tote of fabrics and sewing supplies that I took to my last quilting workshop. I didn’t finish the quilt yet, so I didn’t want to put all the fabrics back in my stash. But the workshop was months ago, and now when I sit down to quilt something else (because I don’t just stick to one open sewing project at a time), I invariably need to go searching for the stiletto, seam ripper, or a certain color thread that might be in that tote. My goal is to organize, de-clutter, categorize, and put items in logical, workable places for handy storage and/or retrieval. Notice what I didn’t say: de-cluttering or cleaning up my entire studio. That’s too much to try to do in a day.

A Spritivity solution to overwhelming stress is narrowing down the focus to small, doable actions. Sometimes people have so many re-organizing projects to do that they end up overwhelmed. This tends to happen when there’s a something daunting to prepare for or recover from—especially one about which feelings could be mixed, such as adjusting to an empty nest or preparing to move. That’s the case for one of my Spiritivity coaching clients, who’s also a dear friend. So, I invited her to a virtual organizing date because I care about her and want to help, and I understand what she’s facing! And it will motivate me at the same time.

I invite you to join our Virtual Organize-for-Fun Day on Tuesday, July 12th. If you want some motivation, accountability, and virtual company, join us. The hours you put in will be entirely up to you.

What’s the Plan?

  • Commit and Prepare:

Commit to joining in by commenting below and marking the date and time on your calendar or reminder place.

Determine what area or task to tackle. Set your sights low enough that you set yourself up for success, and high enough that you’ll have a big smile when you’re done!

Get containers for donations and trash and another for things to be put away later in another part of your house. Have a timer ready.

Plan a good lunch—quick enough not to cut into precious organizing time, tasty enough to feel like a rewarding break, and healthy enough to provide your body with the fuel needed for the task. Don’t forget to have drinks handy, too, like a pitcher of iced tea or plenty of sparkling water.

Wear comfy clothes and supportive shoes.

  • Ready, Set, Go:

Prepare your heart, mind, and body through prayer or meditation, and encourage yourself to bless others with your excess while creating greater simplicity for yourself.

Take a morning BEFORE photo of the problem area.

Share the photo on my Reap As You Sew Facebook page (optional, of course).

  • To Add the Element of Fun:

Put on some fun or uplifting music, or perhaps select an audio to listen to—whatever’s fun for you.

Get to work, but take breaks. I like to keep setting a timer for increments of 53 minutes for work, and then 17 minutes for a break. These have been proven to be magic numbers for maximizing productivity, and 17 minutes is long enough for a bathroom break, a dog walk, an email check, some good stretching or yoga poses, or a bit of time online. Just limit that to 17 minutes!

Make a childlike game of it if you aren’t excited by organizing. Play Beat the Clock. Pretend you’re on a Treasure Hunt. I’ll post a Scavenger hunt on my blog the night before (with a link on my Facebook page) and I’ll offer a prize to the person who finds the most items on the list. If you’re a rebellious sort, pretend you’re supposed to be cleaning out a hot dusty attic on a sticky summer day, and then “cheat” by doing the other project you’ve chosen instead! Or give yourself a mini-reward at each break.

Call me that day between 10 and 4 PDT at (415) 529-4633 if you need encouragement.

See how much you can do before your ending time. Take and post an AFTER photo.

Reward yourself. For some, the completion of a long-postponed project is reward enough, but I’ll also sit on my window seat with prayers of gratitude and a good book afterward.

Regular organizing and de-cluttering reinforce a mindset of plenty. As they become satisfying habits, they could usher in a transformational breakthrough that enhances productivity, creativity, enjoyment of our environments, joy in sharing our abundance with others, and freedom from disorganization and excessive stuff!

The more of us who join in on Tuesday, the merrier! If you find this idea helpful, please share it with friends. Also let me know and we can schedule these days more often.