Flat tireI meant to write a provocative blog post on mindset today, but instead I got a flat tire. And there’s a definite mindset lesson in that. (Mindset is the topic I’ve focused on for May!)

Yesterday, the air pressure warning light came on as I left a Healdsburg retreat and headed to a first-ever meeting of my adult daughter, her son, and the Waldorf school teacher my daughter had for second, third, and fourth grades. This promised to be a momentous occasion. Once before my tire pressure warning light had malfunctioned, so I took a quick walk around the car, everything looked normal, and I ignored the warning. I couldn’t wait to greet the special teacher we hadn’t seen in 17 years!

Lesson One: Though technology isn’t flawless, it makes sense not to ignore it. It can beat my eyesight and serve an important purpose. I won’t blow it off it next time!

After the amazingly soulful afternoon meeting, I drove the freeway an hour and twenty minutes from Sebastopol to San Francisco. Thank God, I made it without incident. Imagine a flat tire at high speed, in a tunnel, or on the Golden Gate Bridge, with a fully laden trunk, in rush hour traffic. I am so grateful for a safe flat!

Lesson Two: Heed promptings and take responsibility. In the morning, knowing that I had to take my dog to an ophthalmologist 60 miles away, I should have checked the tire when I woke up wondering about it. Instead, I hinted to my husband to check it. A request to come check it out with me would have been far better than a “hint.” He told me to stop at a full-service service station this morning, especially since I’d mentioned that this warning light had previously malfunctioned. And I didn’t allow time for such a stop on the way to the vet.

I loaded up the car, the dog, and all my gear to head to the vet, pulled out of the city garage, only to feel and hear a grinding sound. I stopped and looked and saw that I was riding on the rim of the left front tire. Again, I’m grateful it happened where my dog and I and other drivers were all safe.

I missed the vet appointment, which couldn’t be rescheduled until June 27th, but I’ll be able to make my afternoon appointment because AAA came promptly and put on the spare. I’m grateful that I have AAA and their service was prompt.

Lesson Three: Mindset delivers results (be careful what you wish for). I didn’t actually want to make the 130-mile round-trip to the vet today. After three days away on retreat, I wanted to attend to the work that was waiting for my return. So I unconsciously sent out a message of not wanting to make the long drive, and I received a way out of having to do so! The vet understood my cancelling at 10:30 for an 11:45 appointment, knowing where I was and that I had a flat tire. And I’m now at my desk writing, which was my preference. However, I also now need to get the tire repaired and the warning light reset and to drive slowly and carefully until I get do all that.

Alternatively, I could have rescheduled the vet appointment weeks ago, when I realized that the timing didn’t fit well with my other commitments. Proactive responsibility would have beat this flat tire scenario . . . except then I’d have missed this opportunity to learn all these lessons. So, today I’m celebrating gratitude for the flat tire that reinforces: the wisdom of caution, especially where safety’s involved; the reminder to heed promptings of intuition or Spirit; and the confirmation of the power of the mind to affect what we receive, often in ways we don’t recognize as having come from the signals we put out there. My gratitude bubbled up naturally, but it also fits the exhortation in Ephesians 5:20 to “give thanks always and for everything.”

I believe part of why we’re here on earth is to learn and to grow, and even a flat tire can be useful on that important journey! As we tweak our mindsets to be more authentically aligned with who we truly are in our essential beings (not stuck in the status quo where our ego would prefer to keep us), we can be more, do more, and enjoy more! As a Spiritivity Coach, textile artist, and Unbound minister, I believe in the power of Spirit + Creativity to ignite transformational breakthroughs, even through the simplest challenges like a flat tire!

I’d enjoy having you comment and share any strange ways you’ve learned important life lessons from “the little things” in life!