Mom Chris Brenna

My two favorite mothers are my mom and my daughter Brenna, who love me and have modeled and taught me so much.

My mother taught me to sew, having me as a toddler stand on her chair and watch over her shoulders as she sewed to support the young family, and she instilled in me a love of fabrics that has been part of my creativity ever since. Mom and Dad have also been married for over 68 years and continue to love each other in beautiful ways obvious to everyone who knows them. Now in my 32nd year of marriage, I feel that my husband and I have finally learned how to truly demonstrate our love for one another! My mom has also been faithful her entire life, and like her, I can’t start my day without Quiet Time with the Lord. She offered me the foundation of Spiritivity, Spirit + Creativity, and the fruits they bear.

My daughter Brenna became a young mother by choosing life against all odds. Through her pregnancy I learned that other people’s opinions are not to be guideposts for how you choose to live your life. She taught me the value and beauty of poetry and shared with me the language of flowers and the joys of bringing flowers inside. And she is a model of perseverance, dedication, and giving of oneself.

Both showed me, along with my own mothering of my two daughters and having a grandson, that a mother’s job is often tiring and challenging, AND the rewards are worth all the effort motherhood takes in body, mind, and spirit!

My other daughter, Kacie, the first to make me a mother, just called to tell me of her love! She’s engaged, and as we spoke of her wedding and the importance of family, she spoke of her hope of becoming a mother, too. She’s not in the photo above, although she’s represented in the scene by the piece of her art that is showing!

IMG_6528As an exchange student I was blessed with a Brazilian mother, Norma Tinono Duarte, who has shown me unconditional love since I was 16 . . .  and ever since. In my dreams, she symbolizes nurturing and presence.

My heart is also grateful to the “Yes” of Holy Mary, Mother of Jesus, whom Jesus designated from the cross as the spiritual mother of all Christians.



These women have contributed the essence of their very selves to help make me who I am, and for them I am eternally grateful.

Blessings on Mothers Everywhere!

Chris Boersma Smith encourages and inspires creative women to envision options and embrace healing, empowering, and freeing choices.