My quiltmaking took a backseat in 2016-2017; it won’t in 2018!  I finally remembered that my “hobby” is also my lifeline, my therapy, my prayer, my creative outlet, a source of joy, a cooperative effort with the Great Creator who gave me this heart’s desire and some gifts to go along with it. Yes, I worked hard and was there for my family when not quilting, and I helped get a new ministry off the ground—valuable undertakings, so there just didn’t seem to be enough time for my “hobby.” But I was burning out without the benefits of slowing down through quiltmaking:

  • creating beauty,
  • enjoying the feel of fabric,
  • being in community with other quilters, especially while handstitching,
  • conversing with God as I sat in silence,
  • or listening to music, an audiobook, or nature while in my studio.

So I finished up 2017 and started 2018 with a bang — completing two art quilts and now working on a third and fourth. Guess what helped me get going? I remembered that I can REAP great spiritual and emotional rewards AS I SEW! Duh! I spent years teaching, researching, and writing on that very topic! But I forgot to walk my talk about it in the busyness of life.

Until recently. Last Spring at a workshop and during a retreat this summer, I worked on my “Freedom” quilt (the raised hands, broken free of what held them bound). I finished it in December and started right away on finishing the next one, which I’d started years ago in a Rosalie Dace workshop based on getting inspirations from Kandinsky paintings. I worked about an hour on that one this summer at the retreat and then dropped it again, until after Christmas. On New Year’s Day, I completed the quilting, and today I attached the facings. I’m calling it “Multitasking.”

I have set a goal and blocked off specific chunks of time for quilting this year! I’m excited to see what else will emerge — not just UFOs that get done, but some totally new concept-quilts that I’m designing in my head. What about you? Are you quilting as much as you’d like? Or, if you’re not a quilter, are you engaing your creativity on a regular basis? It’s so good for your soul!

If you’d like to re-prioritize or elevate your quilting in 2018 and haven’t yet read Reap As You Sew, which is about quiltmaking as a spiritual path, I have a deal to incentivize you! Get two friends to join you (there’s power in a buddy system and accountability), click here and let me know your email address for PayPal invoicing, and I’ll be happy to sell you 3 copies for $21 or a single copy for $10, including shipping in the 48 states . . . This Start-the-Year-Enthused Offer is good for the next month!