Reap As You Sew:

Spirit at Work in Quiltmaking

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Not Your Typical Book

Not a typical how-to quilt book, Reap As You Sew engages readers with over a dozen intimate stories and 19 pages of exercises, prompts, and lessons to enhance the connection between the divine Spirit and each quilter’s creative process. With over 90 color photos, you’ll appreciate the emotional, spiritual, interpersonal, and communal benefits of making quilts (or engaging in other creative pursuits)!

Chris Boersma Smith

The Holy Spirit-led author (a textile artist and creativity coach) presents quilters whose stories and varied quilt styles come through their different faiths and beliefs, including Catholic and Protestant Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, Spiritual Peacemaking, Theosophy, and generic spirituality.

Through this book, she encourages and inspires women to embrace their favorite hands-on creative pursuits and to bask in the freedom of their most healed and authentic selves, living abundantly, aligned with their sacred callings.

Stories Touch On

  • Parenting
  • Balancing work and family
  • Considering people-pleasing versus living to fulfill one’s calling
  • Reconciling mother-daughter tensions
  • Finding one’s spiritual center in the creative process
  • Quilting as part of the spiritual journey
  • Learning how to forgive and
  • Discovering the benefits of quilt making during difficult times
  • Allowing your work to evolve in transcendent and surprising ways

This book is comforting, inspiring, and energizing for anyone who appreciates quilting and wants to move forward with the life God intended them to live.

Barbara Hemphill

Author, Organizer, and Founder, Productive Environment Institute

Chris, let me tell you how impressed I was with your book. I loved it and got so much out of it. My life has been renewed thanks to you. My husband and I lost our daughter 3 years ago when she was a 38-year-old wife and mother. Our lives, especially mine, have been a tragedy since then. Your book helped me to stop the crying I’ve done each day for 3 years and to understand we must go on without our daughter. There were so many people with stories of faith in the book, and I felt the blessing ’til the end. God Bless you always. Your book has brought Peace to my life.


Reader from Ohio

I just read the chapter about your mother-daughter healing quilt. I felt like I was there with you—feeling your pain, caution, hope. Now I'm tired and so happy that miracles do take place. It made me want to cry at the beauty of your interactions. You do have a gift for words and more wisdom than you'll ever know. You sure wrote a beautiful chapter—am anxious to read more—but just wanted you to know that you communicated your experience beautifully.


A spiritual quilter from WA

Reading your manuscript about my sister’s quiltmaking, I was moved and blessed by your kind, sensitive expression of her work. As well, I was even more confirmed of your yielded spirit to the Holy Spirit. He speaks through you with understanding, and I look forward to the enjoyment of learning more about what God says through you concerning your passion and gifts as a writer and quilter.


Spiritual Director who loves to dance

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