Spirit + Creativity Life Coaching with Chris Boersma Smith

I know I’m not alone when I say there’s not much that I find more exciting than the creative process and living with openness to the spiritual life. There’s something about being inspired by a new idea, developing it, and bringing it to LIFE that brings tremendous joy. Transforming your ideas into something tangible is a very rewarding. It’s your unique form of expression, and it’s meant to be shared. You see, Love and Creativity are inherent in who you were created to be!MR - Chris Headshot

We know we need to express ourselves, but life sometimes gets in the way. I’d like to help you overcome obstacles and unleash your creativity for its own sake and as a sacred part of your life. As a certified creativity coach, I know the rewards of finishing the creative work that’s been sitting on your shelf – literally or metaphorically. As a trained Christian spiritual director and certified spiritual coach with training and experience in dream work—plus ARTbundance training, too—I also know ways to help you make transformational breakthroughs in many areas of your life.

See how being passionate about the creative process and taking a spirited and artsy approach to challenges can spill over into more peace, joy, and freedom throughout your life! The bonus is that you’ll be able to BE MORE of who you truly are, DO MORE of what you’re here on earth to do, and ENJOY more of the abundance of life!

Spiritivity = Creativity + Spirit

No matter where you live or what your dreams are, I can be your coach and encourager!

To help, I’m offering a few NO RISK, NO OBLIGATION 45-minute Introductory Spiritivity Coaching Sessions BY PHONE!

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After our introductory phone call, you will:

  • Finally, know where to start
  • Have learned one or more tools to get past procrastination, overwhelming stress, or another roadblock
  • Know how Spiritivity Coaching can help you get past what’s standing between you and your creative dreams, or get a better understanding of a message from your nighttime dreams
  • Be able to start joyfully bringing your creative work to life and living out your sacred calling. 
  • Have experienced how to use a Hands-On Spiritivity Exercise to tap into inner knowing or the Holy Spirit
  • Get a proposal for further Spiritivity Coaching to fit your schedule, goals, and financial situation, if you so desire.

Spiritivity Coaching offers tools and an approach that are not only effective but also FUN. Imagine how you’ll feel as you finally feel that you’re where you want to be in your creativity or in other aspects of your life! So whether you’re a musician, painter, writer, quilter, handwork specialist, graphic designer, novelist, songwriter, dancer, blogger, chef, entrepreneur—or even if you’re looking to find your creative niche or to solve some other life challenges—please take advantage of this limited time opportunity for a no risk, money back guaranteed, $15 trial session. See for yourself the difference that Spiritivity Coaching can make in your life!

What does Spiritivity Coaching cost?

Sessions are valued at $100 per hour, but Chris offers three packages so no one is excluded by finances. A money back guarantee is offered on the off-chance that someone doesn’t find her sessions valuable and to boost your confidence that you won’t be wasting money.

All sessions are booked through Chris’s online scheduler, Acuity Scheduling, and payments are made through PayPal.   Sessions are best scheduled roughly a week apart, although the package may be used over a period of 45 days.


A Gentle Beginning
  • Three – 30 minute calls of  1:1 Coaching
  • Follow-up email and recording of the call
  • Monthly newsletter with Spiritivity tips, insights & special offers
  • Optional: 3 payment plan at $35/each (payable before each session)
  • Inclusion in Chris’s daily prayers
  • You’ll receive a PDF of 8 Tips for a Rich Spiritual Life
  • No-risk money back guarantee
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Spiritivitity Support
  • Three – 60-minute calls of  1:1 Coaching
  • Follow-up email and recording of the calls
  • Monthly newsletter with Spiritivity tips, insights, & special offers
  • Inclusion in Chris’s daily prayers
  • You’ll receive two PDF’s:
  • 21 Reminders about How to Approach the Creative Process, and
  • 8 Tips for a Rich Spiritual Life
  • A bounus recording sent to you upon completion of the first session
  • 3 extra emails between sessions if you have questions or would like gentle support and accountability.
  • No-risk money back guarantee
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What’s typical? By phone, Spiritivity Coaching sessions address whatever the client would like to get out of coaching. If the client wishes, she can request help in replacing unhealthy habits with better ones, realigning priorities, discovering her life purpose, and exploring what her dreams are trying to communicate. Clients often want to discuss overcoming creative resistance. (Creativity is broadly defined!) Spiritivity tools and Hands On Spiritivity Exercises tap into your inner knowing, your creativity, and your spirituality.  Most of the tools have been professionally developed and well tested, often feel lighthearted, and are proven to be effective! The best scenario is to schedule weekly sessions over the course of a month or so, with emails in between sessions. Chris’s goal is not to have you as a coaching client for the long term, but rather, to give you tools and help you learn to be your own best coach!

Typical benefits include:

  • increased openness to Aha’s and outside-the-box thinking;
  • more enjoyment of the process and practice;
  • better acceptance of imperfection and more playful approaches;
  • increased creative output and better self-care;
  • increased empowerment and awareness of how your passions and purpose relate; and 
  • LESS negative stuff—overwhelming stress, guilt, helplessness, and feeling like a victim of circumstance or of whatever you feel is “not enough.”

Is this coaching religious in nature? Chris relies on guidance and insights from the Holy Spirit, but the person being coached is not expected to share her beliefs. Opening and closing prayers are optional, although guided relaxation is often part of some sessions. And Chris always prays for her clients before and after coaching them. The goal is for this to be comfortable for you and as inspired as it can be!

Chris abides by the Code of Ethics of The International Coach Federation (ICF), which is the leading global organization dedicated to advancing the coaching profession by setting high standards and building a worldwide network of trained coaching professionals, as well as the Codes of Ethics required of licensed Kaizen-Muse™ Creativity Coaches, Convergence™ Spiritual Coaches, ARTbundance™ Coaches and Practitioners, and graduates of the Monastery of the Risen Christ School for Spiritual Directors.

Chris has an intelligence that combines with a strong inspiring spirit, making her an excellent creativity coach. She has an outstanding ability to hear what clients need and connects with them deeply in a caring and kind way. Her approach to coaching is heartfelt and sincere, and her authenticity makes it easy to talk to her.

Jill Badonsky

Founder, Kaizen-Muse™ Creativity Coach Training

Working with Chris has truly been an honor.  Her ability to hear what I said and listen are outstanding.  I felt so safe and cared for with her coaching, which goes well beyond the expectations.  She is a true gifted soul.  I am so grateful for our connection. Her heart is so very present in this work.  

Thank you, Chris, from the bottom of my heart.

Diane of Pennsylvania

Artist and Massage Therapist