with Chris Smith ~ Quilter, Author, Creativity Coach, and Muse Facilitator

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Welcome to a Different Kind of Presentation for Quilters as Chris urges those who attend to . . . 

Be Inspired  – PassionateBold – Authentic –  Productive!

Two Lectures and two Workshops are described below.

If you have a particular topic that you do not see listed, Chris would be happy to work with you to develop a customized workshop to fit your organization’s needs. These topics are also well suited to multi-day workshops, a series, or retreats.

Sample Pricing

  • $500 per 6-hour workshop
  • $300 per 1-hour lecture or speaking engagement
  • Plus travel from Sea Ranch or San Francisco, meals and lodging, and the opportunity to sell books at the back of the room
  • Stipends and love offerings will be considered for talks to Christian women's groups

Story Quilts

Trunk Show and Powerpoint Presentation on the Making of Story Quilts to Express Powerful Feelings or to Raise Awareness.

This lecture will include Chris’s and other people’s quilts made for healing, honoring, remembering, discerning, grieving, celebrating, and helping raise awareness about important issues. The mixed media art quilt pictured above was intentionally made as a collaboration between Chris and her daughter Kacie in 2007 when they were estranged, and through the process of making this piece, their relationship was healed and has remained close ever since! It’s called “Like Making Pasta: A Mother-Daughter Healing Quilt” and it says on it, “Like making pasta and art, quilting by hand, and walking a spiritual path, relationships need time and dedication if they are to reach new heights.” The presentation discusses inspiration, approach, process, exhibition, and the benefits of story quilts, as well as sharing some amazing stories and the quilts that go with them.

Modern Day Muses for Quilters

Exploring, Expressing, Elevating, and Encouraging Quilters’ Creativity

Based on training and licensing to teach The Nine Modern Day Muses (and a Bodyguard)*, Chris has specifically adapted the workshop for quilters. The workshop introduces ten concepts that promote creativity and teaches ways to overcome procrastination, creative chaos (too many pending projects so you don’t know where to start), overwhelm, resistance, fears or worry (for example, that you’ll waste time or materials without creating a “good enough” quilt), and other roadblocks quilters often experience. This workshop includes fun hands-on experiences that will make a difference, and it’s not a sewing class.

*By Jill Badonsky, www.TheMuseIsIn.com.

Enhancing Your Quiltmaking Through Spirituality . . . and Vice Versa

Trunk Show and Powerpoint Presentation of 5 Practical Steps Based on the Stories of Traditional and Art Quilters of Various Spiritual Beliefs

This lecture is inspired by the stories and practices or insights described in Reap As You Sew: Spirit at Work in Quiltmaking. Those stories included women who are spiritual but not religious, Protestant and Catholic Christians, Buddhist, Jewish, Theosophist, and Spiritual Peacemakers.

For guilds, this workshop is presented in a non-religious way. For church groups, it can be presented in keeping with Biblical teachings.

Quilts As Mirrors

How Your Quilts Can Reflect Something About Yourself That You May Not Have Noticed

This workshop is an expanded version of Chris’s 90-minute teleclass, which was way too short to cover all the topics in the handout! It includes a fun Quiltonality Quiz, a guided assessment of why and how you quilt, and likely new sources of self-discovery & inspiration. Participants are invited to bring some of their quilts to the workshop. The quilt shown above is Chris’s “A-Muse Us, Por Favor.” Being only one of few pieces of an sizeable art collection that survived a devastating hurricane, the quilt has a tale of its own, in addition to the story about its making, which won it a prize at a Michigan exhibit celebrating quilts that tell women’s stories.

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