Guided Spiritual Quilting Retreat in the Comfort of Your Own Home or Studio


Treat yourself to the gift of a one-day spiritual quilting retreat that you can experience without having to schlep anything anywhere! Expect to feel UpLifted! afterward.



Going Within rather than Going Away!

Have you ever spent days getting ready to go on a quilting retreat, trying to make the right decision about what and how much to take, then packing it all up, loading the car, schlepping supplies and machine, driving in bad traffic, maybe even getting lost, only to arrive at the retreat without some essential item like the pedal to your machine or the correct bobbin?

Have you ever gone to a retreat and found yourself seated next to someone who’s a chatter bug when you prefer to work more quietly, or someone totally quiet when you’d prefer to interact? And what about the bed or snoring roommate that make sleep a challenge?

What if you could get the good parts of a retreat without the less desirable aspects?

Quilters and Textile Artists open to the Holy Spirit are invited to join us for a virtual, spiritual, quilting retreat.

It’s not about escaping or getting away to a place; it’s about going inside to empower and nurture the true you, your inner creative Self, and connecting with the Divine Spirit that lives within you.

There’s also the opportunity, by phone and/or members only Facebook page, to connect with other kindred spirits.

How about setting aside six sacred hours to experience the spiritual-quilting connection as you make the transition from summer to fall? Of course, you don’t have to pack up and leave at the end of six hours; it’s your space and you can keep going if you wish!

Tuesday, September 13th, came and went without you joining us.  Please let me know if you’d like to be notified the next time I host an Uplifted! Virtual Spiritual Quilting Retreat.

Retreats — Aahhh!  The good ones have so much to offer . . .

  • Giving yourself intentional time for renewal, prayer, and reflection at a leisurely pace.
  • Getting away from busyness and adrenaline, breathing deeply.
  • Inviting the Spirit and Presence of God to surround you.
  • Opening to new inspiration and approaches and trying them out in an atmosphere of love and acceptance.
  • Praying for and mindfully nurturing your soul and spirit.
  • Meeting people who are most likely drawn to the same type of experience you are.
  • Learning new spiritual practices or engaging in familiar ones with others.
  • Filling your well so you return refreshed and overflowing with living water for your own sacred self-care and to share with others.


What’s a virtual retreat and what makes it special?

  • Virtual retreats are live but not in person.
  • Participants connect by conference call, typically at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end. Between calls, each person has suggested activities to choose among, and later, opportunities to share her experience. Sharing can be done verbally during the calls or by posting in a private online forum.
  • Virtual retreats are easier and less expensive than a retreat away from home.
  • There’s no time or energy drain from traveling to and fro . . . and that’s greener.
  • Pets are welcome.
  • You select your own food and drinks—no worries about your special diet or access to your favorite comfort foods.
  • You get to sleep in your own bed and sit in your own comfortable seats!
  • You can be in your pj’s—you come as you are!
  • Introverts are less likely to become drained, and extroverts are less likely to get distracted.
  • When it’s over, there’s no unpacking to do.

What are the advantages of getting UpLifted?

  • One six-hour long day: enough to make a difference, short enough to not disrupt your household or life, and convenient in most North American time zones.
  • A well-thought out mix of luscious learning, creativity, inspiration, and sharing.
  • Each participant can quilt to her own music or in silence, as she prefers.
  • Connecting with others who share your creative passion for quiltmaking and your language, with freedom to share as much or as little as you wish.
  • Quiet time to do your own spiritual quilting and to experiment playfully through some Hands On Spiritivity Exercises.
  • Opportunity to attend to previously postponed quilting projects you enjoy.
  • Encouragement to incorporate as much playfulness, movement, and fun as you’d like.
  • It’s often hard to find a SPIRITUAL quilting retreat nearby, and this one offers that winning combination.
  • You’ll be personally guided by the quilter/textile artist who wrote the book on Spirit at Work in Quiltmaking, a book of heartwarming stories, beautiful quilts in varied styles, and specific Steps Along a Spiritual Quiltmaking Path to help enhance the spiritual-quilting connection.
  • You’ll get all that, and a signed copy of Reap As You Sew.

Register by September 7th and set aside September 13th on your calendar!

UpLifted! Retreat

  • Includes the Virtual Spiritual Quilting Retreat, handouts, and a signed copy of Reap As You Sew
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As soon as you’ve completed your registration, you’ll get a confirmation with call-in instructions and a download link containing a Supplies List. You’ll also get a reminder and a link to a retreat handout by midday on September 12th.

About the Presenter: Be More, Do More, Enjoy More! That is the mission of Chris Boersma Smith, a Spiritivity Coach and textile artist who believes in the power of the Holy Spirit + Creativity to ignite transformational breakthroughs. 

Chris enjoys warm heart-to-heart interactions that encourage and inspire her audience and clients to envision options and embrace empowering and freeing choices. It’s her prayer that you bask in the freedom of your most healed and authentic creative self and that you live abundantly, aligned with your sacred calling.

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